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We are The Fika Company, a Specialty Colombian Coffee Roastery based in Long Beach, CA.

The Fika Company only focuses on the best quality of coffees in Colombia by Variety, Single Origin and Cup Profile.
All of our Specialty Colombian Coffees are Fair / Direct Trade, this means 100% percent of the income from the coffee purchasing
at the farm goes straight forward to the coffee producer, this way we keep it Honest, Fair & help to improve the farmers living standard.

What we do

 We Acquire the coffees in Colombia by Fair / Direct Trade.

Roast our  Colombian Coffees with the perfect term to enhance the exotic and fruity notes in the cup of coffee.

Choose the perfect brewing method according to the coffee profile and of course: to our clients preference!

Pop up Bar with Romeo Chocolates in Downtown Long Beach

May 11TH / 2015
We are very glad to be collaborating for a Pop-up bar with Romeo Chocolates, an amazing local artisan chocolatier based in Long Beach, CA. Romeo invited us to share a small space at East Village / Arts District last Saturday May 9th for mothers weekend. Both of our concepts, Artisan Coffee Roastery and Artisan Chocolatier, was working great together. Thank you Romeo!
During 9hrs we sampled our specialty Colombian coffees and sold out all of the coffee bags that we brought for the event. It was a great day for us and Romeo´s chocolates!
We got to say that the […]

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